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Strive to Create New Phase for Chinese Industrial Public Service

Vigorous development of industrial public service is of great strategic significance. Accelerating industrial public service system construction, strengthening industrial public service platform, and increasing industrial public service capability are the major measures for promoting economic development mode transfer, advancing industrial structure adjustment, and improving national independent innovation capability. We should stand at the height of deepening combination of industrialization and informatization, promoting strategic newly emerged industry development and driving small and medium-sized enterprises' innovation development to understand the strategic significance for accelerating industrial public service capability construction.

Industrial public service capability construction must be accelerated. New generation information technology enterprises relating to software, integrated circuit, Internet of Things, and cloud calculation are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises featured in weak fund strength, poor innovation capabilities, and weak risk resistant capability. The ability of industrial public service is in urgent for being improved and the common demands are waiting for being settled. Currently, the industrial public service system of our nation hasn't been formed yet. The industrial service platform is not optimized. Professional service capability is comparatively weak. Public service resource is dispersed. We still lack of high-end service talents and optimized technical standard and service so that we could not satisfy the demands of small and medium-sized enterprises for innovation development and the demands of strategic newly emerged industry innovation development. Acceleration of development is in great need.

Under the great support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and all levels of local governments, CSIP has obtained great achievements in theoretical research and innovative practice in industrial public service field. Over the past 6 years since the formal establishment, by setting foot on two core industrial public service platform constructions of software and integrated circuit and complying with the strategic newly emerged industry development demand and active expanding development space, the center has successfully constructed the national industrial public service platforms for software, integrated circuit, service outsourcing, Internet of Things, cloud calculation, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Based on local industrial directing departments, industrial park zones, and information technology enterprises, totally 22 local sub-platforms, 23 enterprise technical innovation centers, 10 national-level labs, 10 industrial alliances, and 5 resource libraries have been established which are helpful for initial realization of centralizing and sharing of industrial public service resources. The center has explored a set of mode for industrial public service management, operation, and service which fits its own development under the condition of market economy. The capabilities in strategic consultation, common technologies, IPRs, talents training, investment and financing consultation, scientific results transforming, cooperation and exchange have been continuously improved. It has provided various professional services for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises and provided powerful decision-making support service for major decisions made by central and local governments. Around the application promotion of key domestic software and hardware and the implementation of national special scientific and technical fund of core electronic elements, high-end general chips, and fundamental software products, the "ChinaChip" and "ChinaEngine" brands which were cultivated elaborately by the center have become the symbol of independent innovation of our nation.

We will continuously strengthen the sense of honor, mission, and responsibility, adhere to the enterprise culture of "Dedication, Innovation, Being Practical and Excellent", set foot on the development concept of "Serve the government, industry, and enterprise", stick to human-oriented concept to strengthen talents team construction, continuously optimize mechanism, deepen service model innovation, standardize service standard, accelerate Chinese Industrial Public Platform Construction, improve the professional capability of industrial public service, and strive to promote the networking, systematization, platforming, and servicisation levels of Chinese Industrial Public Service.

CSIP is willing to grow together with Chinese Industrial Public Service System!

CSIP is willing to strengthen together with Chinese Industrial Public Service Platform!