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Hotspot Events of New-Generation Information Technology Are Voted for Year 2013

[CSIP News] Recently, CSIP has voted and published hotspot events of new-generation information technology including software, integrated circuit, open source, newly-developing network techniques and services, smart city, Internet of Things, Compass, and intellectual property, for year 2013.

Guided by Mr. Qiu Shanqin, Director of CSIP, and Mr. Wang Jianping, Chief Engineer of CSIP, and led by Strategic Research Department, the hotspot events were recommended by Software Department (open source), Integrated Circuit Department, Public Service Platform Department, Intellectual Property Department, and Brand Promotion Department, and voted by industrial experts according to comprehensive assessment of their influence in technology, industry, economy, and society.

The voting results have been published on China Electronics News, MIIT website, CSIP website, Sina micro-blog (MIIT-CSIP), Sina micro-magazine (Semp micro-observation), and WeChat public platform (Semp observation). Voting and analyzing the hotspot events may provide valuable reference for enterprise decision making, industrial management, regional economy development planning, as well as national policy formulation.