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CSIP Was Awarded for Cooperation and Contribution in 2nd “Smart Beijing” Contest

[CSIP News] On Dec. 19, Award Ceremony of 2nd China Mobile Cup “Smart Beijing” Contest was held in Beijing, where CSIP was awarded for cooperation and contribution. Dr. Wang Jianping, General Engineer of CSIP attended the Ceremony, and shared CSIP’s practices and reflections on intelligent livelihood development.

The Contest lasted for nearly four months, where 10 best applications and 10 best solutions stood out from 60 selected projects through preliminary assessment, road shows, and comprehensive review. All the 60 selected projects were presented at the Ceremony, and a Summit Forum on “Smart Beijing for Livelihood” was held.

As one of the guider of this Contest, CSIP made active participation and promoted the best applications nationwide. In 2014, CSIP will continue to promote industrial development and smart city construction by offering “Hua Xia Xing” round speeches.