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Integrated Circuit IP Core Standard Work Group Meeting 2013 Was Held

[CSIP News] On Dec. 11, Integrated Circuit IP Core Standard Work Group Meeting 2013 of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Mr. Peng Hongbing, Deputy Director of Electronics Department of MIIT, Dr. Qiu Shanqin, Director of CSIP and Leader of the Work Group, attended the Meeting and made speeches. Representatives from nearly 20 IP Core-related organizations, including CSIP, SSIPEX, SMIC, CSMSC, Capital-Micro, Research Institute of SpaceChina, Nationz Technologies, MXT, C-Sky, THU, HFUT, and the PLA Information Engineering University, as well as invited experts attended the Meeting.

Dr. Zhou Meng, CTO of Integrated Circuit Department of CSIP, reported achievements in study, application, and promotion of IP core standard, especially application of issued IP core standards in key technological projects. And, special reports were given on IP core standard work and IP industrial development by SMIC, SSIPEX, and Research Institute of SpaceChina from different aspects.

At the Meeting, discussions were made on preparation, trial application, and promotion of IP core standards, and advice were proposed for following work based on summary of year 2013.

Leaders present highly appreciated achievements of the work group and promised to give full support. They hoped that the work group could keep the inspiration to complete preparation and promotion of the standard and attract more domestic and overseas enterprises to join in to make the work group an important platform for facilitating domestic IP core industry development.