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Qinghai Platform, National Software and Integrated Circuit Public Service Platform, Was Built Up in Haidong

[CSIP News] Qinghai Platform, National Software and Integrated Circuit Public Service Platform, was built up in Haidong, Qinghai, marking that the national public service has extended to cover information industry development in West China and would initiate an era of new-generation information technology development of Haidong City as well as whole Qinghai Province. Directors of Software Department of MIIT, CSIP, General Office of Qinghai Provincial Government, Qinghai Provincial Economy and Informationization Committee, Haidong Municipal Government, and Haidong Daotong Company were present at the Initiating Ceremony.

Mr. Qiu Shanqin, Director of CSIP, pointed out that, as the twentieth local platform of CSIP, Qinghai Platform would facilitate resource localization of national public service platform and provide overall information services, including generic technology, intellectual property, talent training, information technology service, market development, and brand promotion, for information industries, enterprises, and government authorities of Qinghai Province. And, it would contribute to transformation and upgrading of Qinghai traditional industries to intelligent industries and accelerate industrial development of Qinghai Province.

Leader from Qinghai Economy and Informationization Committee held that, by virtue of rich industrial resources of national software and integrated circuit public service platform and focused on construction of ten key industrial chains including new energy, new material, salt-lake chemical industry, non-ferrous metal, oil and natural gas chemical industry, coal chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, steel, light and textile industry, and biological industry, Qinghai Platform would serve for industrial development of Qinghai Province and become the bridge for common prosperity with enterprises of other provinces and other countries.