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“China Software Town” Resource Convergence and Strategic Cooperation Workshop Was Held in Beijing

[CSIP News] On Oct. 29, “China Software Town” Resource Convergence and Strategic Cooperation Workshop, organized by CSIP, was held in Beijing. This Workshop aimed to accelerate informationization promotion of SMEs and facilitate application of emerging information techniques, products, services, and solutions including cloud computing and big data as indicated by MIIT..

Mr. Yang Dongri, Deputy Director of CSIP, introduced background, preparation, and next key jobs of “China Software Town”, the resource convergence and operation platform. He represented that, for higher efficiency of resource convergence, sub-platforms of “China Software Town” would be set all around China which would be provided assistance in information technology resource convergence and related services.

Mr. Hu Ran, consultant of public service platform, interpreted the industrial status, operation mode, development goal, and implementation route of “China Software Town”, and proposed C3PS informationization service mode. And, based on “China Software Town”, implementation plans including “Warming Enterprises Plan” were raised for deep integration of industrialization and informationization.

The attendees discussed issues on “China Software Town” resource convergence and operation strategy, and promised to support the work and facilitate informationization of SMEs.

Over 30 representatives from 14 enterprises including Shenzhen National Supercomputing Center, Kingsoft Cloud Group, Kingdee, Sinosoft attended the Workshop.