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The 8th China Linux Kernel Developer Conference Was Held in Shanghai

[CSIP News] On Oct. 19, the 8th China Linux Kernel Developer Conference was held in Shanghai. Guided by COPU and Linux Foundation, and cosponsored by AKA, Intel Open Source Technology Center, FNST, THU, and IBM, the Conference was a technical seminar on Linux kernel where about 400 persons were present and over 10 experts and attendees at home and abroad shared their contributions to Linux community.

China is of vital importance in global Linux development, and in turn, its open source technology development needs global support. The Conference has provided a powerful technical exchange platform for open source community, and took the initiative to integrate with international community for more active participation and organization in international open source projects.

Profile of China Linux Kernel Developer Conference: During years from 2016 to 2012, China Linux Kernel Developer Conference, as supported by COPU, CSIP, Intel Open Source Technology Center, FNST, IBM, Huawei, Canonical, Taobao, ADI, and Trend Micro, has been held for eight times. It has become a most influential technical exchange platform for community developers, and attracted and created a number of experts in open source technology and Linux kernel development. It aims to promote open source technology, support construction and development of open source community, enhance domestic developers’ concern and participation in international open source projects, and build up the largest and most influential technical workshop for Linux kernel developers.

Chinese’s contribution to Linux kernel: Chinese has made greater and greater contribution to Linux kernel development and won wide recognition in international community. I noted Chinese’s contribution to Linux kernel of 2013 published on official website of the Conference, and hereby provides some data I got. According to statistics since 2005, engineers from 55 countries have submitted over 370 thousand patches, where those submitted by the Chinese occupied 6.25%, ranking the fifth; and as for LOC modification, 41.2 million lines were modified in total, where those modified by the Chinese occupied 5.90%, ranking the fifth. While in the latest Linuxkernel3.11, over 10 thousand patches were submitted by engineers from 39 countries, where those submitted by the Chinese occupied 9.63%, ranking the third, and over 1.1 million LOC were modified, where those modified by the Chinese occupied 28.20%, ranking the first.