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Chinese Delegation Visit in Germany and the Netherlands …


  [CSIP News]… in order to promote the communication and cooperation between China and Europe in the field of smart sensors and testing. The CSIP delegation went to Germany and the Netherlands for technology exchange and project introduction activities. The delegation leader was CSIP’s Deputy Chief SongtaoGao, accompanied by Jiao Du, Science and Technology Management Department Director; ZhengjiongZha, Technology Transformation Department Director; ZuquanWeng, IC Department Technology Director; and Weiyang Wang, Science and Technology Management Department Project Manager.


  During this period, the CSIP delegation attended Germany’s “2014 Sensor and Test Exhibition” in Nuremberg. They also visited North Rhine Westphalia’s State Ministry of Economic, Energy and Industry, the University of Ilmenau, the Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronics and Systems (IMS) in Duisburg, Dortmund’s Micro-System-Technology Center (MST-factory), Sensor Technology Association, Microelectronics and Measuring Technology Association (AMA), and some German companies, such as UST, TETRA, Transfact and others. On the last day of their travel they visited Philips’ High-Tec-Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (picture).


  The delegation mainly focused on possible cooperation partners for project investment, enterprise merge &acquisition, technology transfer, and talent education. The tour was organized by the German partner organization MiNaCon, Dortmund, to promote a closer collaboration between China and Europe in the field of sensor technologies for joint development, sensor design, manufacturing, and standardization, public technical services and talent education to build up a new platform in the China-EU sensor and information technology cooperation.