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Xinhuanet: CCN Joint Innovation Lab Launched the 2nd Ubuntu Derivative (Chinese Version)

UbuntuKylin 13.10 for OEMs and Consumers Is Formally Launched

● UbuntuKylin, the 2nd Ubuntu Derivative (Chinese Version) launched by CCN Joint Innovation Lab, can be customized by consumers and industrial customers.

● UbuntuKylin 13.10 makes it possible for OEMs to pre-install localized operating system.

On Oct. 17, Canonica announced that UbuntuKylin would be formally launched at 8:00 the next day. This is the latest reference operating system developed by CCN Joint Innovation Lab, aiming to provide a stable, flexible, and open pre-installation platform for Chinese consumers and OEMs.

CCN Joint Innovation Lab consists of Canonical, CSIP, and NUDT. By cooperating with Ubuntu, it has developed UbuntuKylin where the latest version includes customized experience for Chinese market to make it possible for Chinese OEMs to pre-install localized operating system. Free download:

PC OEMs can pre-install UbuntuKylin 13.10 that includes the latest functions and services or UbuntuKylin 12.04 with LTS. A number of consumers, education agencies, and government authorities have started to use UbuntuKylin operating system.

As the substitute of Windows, UbuntuKylin is favored by users, where particular versions can be customized, with particular programs as well as functions and services provided by ISVs at software center.

The new function of intelligent search helps users to search for relevant contents at search box on desktop. Relevant online contents and local search results are provided by corresponding servers, where the learning feature makes it of higher efficiency by memorizing the users’ favored search results. In this version, pictures, music, and videos from Sogo, Youku, and Baidu can be presented in search results.

Youker Assistant is integrated in this version. As a customization tool, it enables traditional Windows users to use UbuntuKylin in a short time and helps to make daily software maintenance and interface customization.

The latest launch of Fcitx is developed based on QT, with simple interface and stable function, and supports various customized skins.

And, CCN takes active cooperation with other ISVs to develop and improve Linux applications. Users can download WPS for UbuntuKylin and Kuaipan for UbuntuKylin at UbuntuKylin official website (

Jane Silber, Canonical CEO, represents that, UbuntyKylin aims to provide a flexible, open, popular, and regulated operating system for Chinese users. Based on advantages of Ubuntu, UbuntuKylin has been used by commercial and personal consumers. Computer OEMs have also cooperated to pre-install the system in PC and notebooks of their commercial and personal clients.

Download link

UbuntuKylin will be available for download from Oct. 18, 2013.




Launching party will be organized by UbuntuKylin community at Beijing and Changsha on Nov. 2 and Nov. 16 respectively. Welcome to join in! See UbuntuKylin official website for more!


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Canonical is the initiating company of Ubuntu and leading server for enterprise Ubuntu deployment. By virtue of its international development team, technical support professionals and engineering center, Canonical is advantageous in assisting cooperating partners and customers for better application of Ubuntu. It is also the operator of Ubuntu One, cloud service for multi-platform personal consumers.

Ubuntu is an open source platform facing the customer, server, and cloud computing. It is the most widely used Linux system (according to traffic statistics of top 1,000 websites), the reference platform of OpenStack deployment, and the most popular client operating system of Dell, HP, Lenovo etc. Since it was launched in 2004, it has become the first choice of open desktop and extensive computing for “Fortune 500” enterprises, hardware manufacturers, content providers, software developers, as well as the consumers.