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Xinjiangnet: Experts Sent to Support Xinjiang on Building Urumuchi an Smart City

Xinjiangnet News (reported by Yang Ying): On Oct. 11, Smart City Top-level Design Workshop and Smart City Construction Seminar were held in Urumuchi. National scientific and technological experts sent to support Xinjiang conducted surveys on development and construction of smart city in Urumuchi, and offered some suggestions.

Smart city is an advanced form of city informationization where new-generation information technology is fully applied in all industries and next-generation innovation is made based on Knowledge Society, to realize integrated intellectual technology, developed intellectual industries, efficient intellectual services, and human-oriented sustainable innovation, so as to rise from a digital city to smart city.

Mr. Wang Jianping, Chief Engineer of of CSIP, analyzed the status quo and opportunity of present smart city construction. Wang said, “Construction of smart city comes out from upgrading of traditional industries and development of intellectual industries, where technical integration and innovation is required.”

Mr. Gao Feng, represented at the Workshop that, “Construction of smart city is of great significance for promoting government management efficiency and public service level.” Leading group of smart city construction is set up in Urumuchi, to be responsible for smart city planning and construction and complete 14 projects including public information database, intelligent city management, and intelligent traffic, as required, so as to promote city management and service and create a good model of smart city in China.

In recent years, Urumuchi has witnessed rise of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, quick establishment of modern industrial system, and great achievements in broadband basic network, digital private network, and digital community construction. A number of large-scale IT enterprises including Taiji and Sugon, have participate in Urumuchi development.

On August 1, Urumuchi was officially approved to be a national pilot city for smart city construction.