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People’s Daily Online: China Compass Industrialized Application Alliance Was Set Up in Nanjing

Initiated by CSIP, “China Compass Industrialized Application Alliance” was set up in Nanjing, Jiangsu, on 21st day of this month. It is the first national alliance organization of Compass industrialized application that covers the whole industrial chain.

The Alliance is initiated by CSIP, where some powerful enterprises in satellite navigation, including BDStar, Haige, and AutoNavi, participate. It is guided by MIIT Electronic Information Department and China Satellite Navigation Application Management Center.

Mr. Diao Shijing, Deputy Director of MIIT Electronic Information Department, represents that, industrialization of key elements is the bottleneck of present Compass industry. To realize scaled application in vehicle-mounded and consumer market, the technology shall be improved to create prospect market, where the industrial alliance may stimulate initiative and creativeness to realize win-win of enterprises.

It is reported that, a number of enterprises of research, development, production, test, and operation services, especially those in Jiangsu, have devoted themselves to Compass-related industrialized application. Totaling the enterprises with those from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the Alliance has extended to 75 member enterprises. It will, by virtue of present advantages in MIIT intellectual property protection and research resource, enhance its intellectual property protection work and establish long-term mechanism to cultivate all-level talents for the industry.