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CCID Online: Strategic Cooperation Agreement Was Reached between CSIP and BTIC

Strategic Cooperation Agreement was reached between CSIP and BTIC in Beijing on May 21. Mr. Guo Jianbing, Deputy Director of MIIT Software Department, Mr. Gao Songtao, Deputy Director of CSIP, Mr. Zhang Shusen, Deputy Director of Beijing Traffic Committee, Mr. Jiang Guangzhi, Director of Beijing Municipal Economy and Informationization Committee Software Department, and Mr. Ge Yu, Deputy Director of BTIC, attended the ceremony.


The attendees visited TOCC, reviewed preliminary results in core electron device, high-end universal chip, and basic software product, and unveiled the nameplate of “national software public service platform: demonstration base for application and promotion of transportation informationization”.


The demonstration base will serve as a good public service platform for domestic basic software in traffic management, enterprise operation, and public gravel etc.. It sets up the foundation for BITC’s establishment of national-leading transportation informationization platform with independent intellectual property.


The demonstration base will facilitate application of key software and hardware achievements in transportation industry to create integrated environment and promote the practice in different areas, so as to realize scaled application and industrialized development of safe and reliable software and hardware.